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Historical Of Kashmir

Considered as a heaven on earth and enclosed by high snowcapped ridges of range to the west and south, and the main Himalayan range to the east is the picturesque Kashmir valley with predominantly Muslim population, History of which dates back to 14th Century. Few places in the world have so often been described as paradise as Kashmir. The words of Mughal Emperor Jehangir have been repeated down centuries by travellers enchanted with this fairy tale of mirror like lakes, tumbling rivers and verdant meadows.

Often touted as paradise on earth for its spectacularly breathtaking beauty, the capital of Kashmir - the valley of Srinagar - at the foot of the mighty Himalayas, with its expanses of placid lakes, rapid rivers, rolling meadows, immaculate flowering gardens, and the chinar (maple) tree that reflects the changing seasons from the fresh green of spring to the russets of autumn that are shed for winter - tugs at the eyes and heart-strings of the beholder.


During the time of the British Raj, The British were fond of Kashmir due to its climate and they came and stayed on locally made Doonga Boats, An idea of converting the Doonga Boats in to luxury houseboats came to pass, During the British Raj- Britishers were very fond of the place, they found Kashmir the perfect place for Holidays and to get away for nature lovers, Adventurers, Explorers, Writers, Painters. During the British Raj - most of the people in Kashmir lived in Dongas - "Floating Houses - This use to be the places where people used to live. Most of the people visiting Kashmir during this time as a tourist use to come to Kashmir for months at a time- This very idea gave birth to Savoy Boats for Tourists in Kashmir in 1945.

Famous writers - Painters - Trekkers came flocking to Kashmir & Stayed in Savoy Houseboats. For the start these boats were simple and mostly with two bedrooms and a living areas and where rented out for weks & months After years new ideas come and lot of luxuries were added for the comfort of the tourist, Savoy Group of House Boats became very popular for western tourist especially for people coming from United Kingdom ,America ,Australia and the Europe. After 1994 The Savoy Houseboats renovated the premises using Kashmir's best and most artistic craftsmen, using the beautiful local walnut timber for Hand crafted Furniture, The Savoy House Boats took 5 years to build, all handmade fabric is used in the traditional way for curtains ,linen and fixtures, The Savoy Houseboat is now iconic worldwide and held in very high esteem for its traditional values.